Modern Upgrades for a Brighter Future

Lever House is targeting a number of sustainability certifications while implementing a revolutionary Dedicated Outdoor Air System (DOAS), providing more fresh air to office floors with complete climate control and improved energy efficiency.

Certification Targets

Dedicated outdoor air system

(DOAS) Best-in-class
HVAC implementation

DOAS is an HVAC system that supplies 100% outside air to each floor of Lever House
Air is never circulated between floors, as compared with 40-85% recirculation with a conventional HVAC
Breathing better air leads to significantly better cognitive performance
The DOAS brings in 2x more outside air than in conventional buildings
Within each floor, individual DOAS units provide the option of completely customizable, room-by-room climate environments
Greater space efficiency means 120 sq. ft. per tower floor can now be recaptured for occupant use
Optional HEPA filtration of outside air is available
The DOAS brings in 1.5x more outside air than Manhattan’s newest developments

health & wellness

0.3 cubic feet per
minute of fresh air
Touchless entry,
security, elevators
Private Training Rooms and Shower Facilities

More fresh air.More sunlight. Higher ceilings and UV light sanitation. Every possible measure, working in tandem to prioritize the health and wellness of each employee.

UV Light Sanitation
of Air Handlers
Touchless restrooms
Concierge Bike Storage